I used to style my hair the same way for years! Even when I would dress in vintage, my long blown out waves was my go to. Mostly due to the power I would give me hair, thinking it was the only attractive feature I had to work with. The other reason was I didn’t think I could actually style my hair in victory rolls or gorgeous vintage waved! I thought it would be too difficult or I would have to use so many products in my hair. But the more I practiced the more I found how simple it can be once you find what works for your hair type.

1940s inspired victory rolls

My hair is naturally very curly with spirals at the ends. But the texture is fine and very soft making my hair not like going up without a fight. That’s when products can become your best hair friends! I played around with so many different products, some would work but break my sensitive skin out! I currently have found the combination of Sauvecita Argan Silkening Serum with their Grooming Spray works perfectly for my hair type and being able to construct it more easily.

Sauvecita for the win!

The other thing I realized while practicing vintage styles was just how easy it can be if you simplify it. What I mean is for example when doing styles I love from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, the majority of my hair is pulled back into a low pony then twisted up in different ways like buns, twists, or braids. That leaves you only with having to style 1/4 to 1/2 of your hair that is framing your face! Or for a 1940s inspired look, it’s practically the same idea, the back majority goes into a low pony halfway pulled through to make a low bun. Then wrap the loose ends around your ponytail to give a more sophisticated look. But these simplified techniques make it so theres less hair to have to actually worry about styling! When I only have to worry about 1/4 or 1/2 of the amount of hair to actually curl it takes a lot of the stress out for me!

1940s inspired low bun
Side profile
1920s inspired updo with 3 braided buns

I love continuously learning new techniques and styles to achieve my vintage hair goals! In finding vintage styles I love it feels like I’m discovering who I am constantly, finding a new confidence and something that’s just for me!

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