I have always personally loved seeing what others wear underneath their clothing to achieve different fits and looks! It’s amazing how a simple shapewear or corset can dramatically change the appearance of an outfit! I myself am a natural hour glass but love how a corset can exaggerate my shape. I love my curves and anyway I can put them more on display the more confident I feel! I always say the way I dress is never for anyone else, I only dress for myself and I like what I see in my reflection.

Recently I have more and more people asking what I wear underneath my outifts and if I would share it. I haven’t felt too comfortable with giving more than in writing or conversation what I wear, what brand, etc. The idea of posting a photo felt a bit exposing, but then I felt hypocritical since like I said earlier, I love getting to see what others wear to achieve their desired look!

So I decided this evening, why not share what I wore under my outfit today to achieve my shape! After all, it covers way more than a bikini! I first recommend a long line bra for wearing over a corset if you choose to go with a corset as your shapewhere. If you’re like me, heavy up top, a long line bra can help hide some of the buldging on top and give a more smooth appearance. Second, I recommend a more hip hugger or lower style undies so it goes below your corset not above. I find when it goes above it tends to ride up more.

This is the a loneline underbust corset for Corset Story

Link to corset: https://corset-story.com/products/cream-expert-waist-training-underbust-longline-with-hip-gores

What it looks like under a dress

Now I have been wearing a corset on and off for almost 10 years, so it does take some practice, as well as finding which corsets best work for you! I myself prefer underbust to over bust so not to feel like my breast are being pushed up into my throat lol. But like I said, depends on what you’re going for. I don’t wear a corset everyday, or with every outfit either. Like I said earlier, it depends on the look I’m going for…. and how much food I want to eat that day hahaha

Let me know if you’d like me to share more of these!

Dress is theprettydresscompany.com

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